Vietnam Airlines Premium Economy

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Passengers who upgrade to Premium Economy can enjoy added personal space adjustable recline, and a large private monitor for screening in-flight media entertainment.


Flying in Premium Economy offers a full selection of on demand entertainment at your fingertips. Browse through chart topping music, award-winning cinema, hit TV shows, interactive games and popular magazines as you relax in one of our luxury recliners. Vietnam Airlines offers endless options to keep you entertained from liftoff to landing.
Onboard the B787, A330 and A350 aircrafts, passengers can access electrical charging ports from the convenience of their seats.
Wi-Fi is now available onboard the A350 aircrafts to keep you connected throughout the flight.
Modern LED technology is also included onboard the B787 craft to gradually adjust lighting, helping to create a calming ambiance onboard the flight.
You can enjoy the harmony of white light for daytime trip, or fell relaxed with soft golden light warmth of the night flights, as well as be comfortable with the gradual transformation of the brightness at times when food is served.
All of our long-duration flights come with basic essentials such as pillows, blankets as well as premium toiletry items.
Passengers can also pre-order amenities to suit their needs before flying.

Ground Services

Priority on-ground assistance is available to Premium Economy passengers, saving you time with seat selection, check-in, baggage handling and gate boarding.

Vietnam Airlines Premium Economy